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Saudi cleric Abdelaziz al-Fawzan arrested over 'war on religion' tweets


Language Undefined Fawzan had criticised imprisonment of other imams by Saudi authorities as part of Mohammed bin Salman's cr

Will the Syrian government strike a deal with the Kurds?


Rather than a potential breakthrough, the Damascus negotiations are more realistically an attempt to test the waters

Druze women and children kidnapped by Islamic State in Syria's Sweida


Language Undefined Dozens of members of the Druze religious minority were captured by IS last week according to residents of

RTL’s Videoland adds 14 titles from Talpa TV


RTL’s SVOD platform Videoland is adding 14 Dutch-language series from Talpa TV. The range of Dutch language products on Videoland will be furthe

Czech online video content measurement: the first findings


HbbTV is a subset of time shift on TV when consumed on the internet and accounts for only five minutes of viewing per person each month in the Czech R

The Endangered Baird's Tapir Can Help Combat Climate Change


Tapirs are considered the gardeners of the forest.

Qatar should pay for US troops in Syria or risk downfall: Saudi minister


Language Undefined Analysts say Saudi foreign minister's comments are purely political and an attempt to 'throw the hot potat

How Britain engaged in a covert operation to overthrow Assad


Starting just months after the 2011 uprising, UK policy has helped to prolong and radicalise Syria’s devastating war

EXCLUSIVE: EU faces second refugee crisis if Syria aid dries up, says UN chief


Language Undefined Failure to raise $6bn for millions of Syrians will lead to a Middle East refugee crisis similar to 2015,

Saudi Arabia claims killing of senior Houthi leader


Language Undefined Riyadh confirmed it had ordered air strikes against Sammad after Houthi threats to fire rockets into Saudi