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Egyptian forces kills 52 militants in Sinai


CAIRO: Egyptian troops and security forces have killed at least 52 suspected militants in recent days, the army said in a statement on Sunday, as au

UAE, Cook Islands sign deal to establish diplomatic relations


WELLINGTON: The UAE and Cook Islands recently signed a joint statement on the establishment of formal diplomatic relations between the two countries.

Zulekha Hospital launches 24-hour pediatric ER


SHARJAH: Zulekha Hospital has launched its new 24-hour Pediatric Emergency Department in its Sharjah hospital to treat pediatric medical emergencies.

Britain plans on increasing organ donor to save lives


LONDON, Aug 5 (Reuters) - Britain plans to increase the number of organ donors by changing the rules of consent and presuming that people have agreed

Lisbon experiences record-breaking heat


LISBON: Lisbon has broken a 37-year-old record to notch its hottest temperature ever as an unrelenting wave of heat bakes Portugal and neighboring Spa

Carry umbrellas, Japan tells its men

Initiative to help reduce heat stroke risk in Tokyo summers

How London teenager Safaa Boular became the youngest woman jailed in UK for terrorism

Safaa Boular, 18, who together with her mother and elder sister formed the country's first all-female cell linked to Daesh, will spend a minimum of

Indian expat who lost wife wins Dh10 million in UAE raffle


The widower from Kerala has three children, including twins.

Film director Vijay Gutte held for Dh18m GST fraud


Gutte has been remanded in custody by a Mumbai court.

India's Jet Airways warns staff time and funds are running out


The airline may be grounded in 60 days time.