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National Lost Pet Awareness Day


Today April 23, 2018 is National Lost Dog Awareness Day so I wanted to share some of our Deaf Dogs Rock tips on what we do here at Deaf Dogs Rock He

She Still Hounded me for Dinner!


Ella stole an ENTIRE meatloaf!



Meet adoptable deaf Phoebe who is looking for a loving home with someone who will love her, make her a priority and always keep her safe. From her cu

Vera – CA


Meet adoptable deaf puppy Little Vera who is looking for a loving home with someone who will cherish her, make positive reinforcement training/social

10 Benefits of Adopting a Rescue Dog


The post 10 Benefits of Adopting a Rescue Dog appeared first on HandicappedPets.com. Adopting a rescue dog has many benefits. There are several reason

Bulldogs are Beautiful Day


It’s been said that every dog has his day. For Bulldogs that day is April 21st, when animal lovers celebrate Bulldogs are Beautiful Day! To mar

All You Need to Know About Aspirin Poisoning in Dogs


Image credits – Pixabay Aspirin is a common drug, used as a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID), and is a common pain medication. It

Win a PawZaar Wild West Bone Dog Toy! #madeinUSA


We’re so excited that we’re going to be launching a collection of USA-made dog toys on our PawZaar store later this month, starting with

The principles that guide responsible pet care


Image Source: Pixabay.com The following principles are universal and closely based on the RSPCA principles. These were created to combat the presence

Rufus – IL


Rufus is a deaf, thoroughly loving, adoptable, snugly 11 -13 yr old male Wheaton Terrier/Yorkie mix who is looking for a loving home with someone w