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Real estate cryptocurrency, online betting and Winter Olympics

Here are the stories we'll be following the week of May 28:  Monday Looking to invest in real estate but want to cut out the middleman? A Swiss blo

A craftsman's blend of machine and animal magic

Roger Weber’s fantasy knows no bounds. The trained goldsmith has cultivated his authentic designs to a fine art. From animalistic jewellery to kinet

US ambassador talks up Swiss offer to host North Korea summit

Switzerland’s offer of good offices to help host a future summit between North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un and United States President Donald Trump

Drug addiction: ‘I pretended I had it under control’

"True Talk" puts people in front of the camera who are fighting prejudice or discrimination. They answer questions that nobody would normally dare 

Cows continue to suffer for ‘beauty ideal’

Cow shows are public festivals in Switzerland. Everyone wants to lead the most beautiful cow into the ring, doing her hair, rubbing her with lotion,

Sulzer shows how to avoid Russian sanctions

When the US announced tough new sanctions against Russia this month, Swiss industrial group Sulzer received no official warning of what could have be

Thomas Amsler: Loves lobster, misses Bratwurst

After living in coastal Massachusetts for over 50 years, Swiss architect Thomas Amsler says he loves New England, but misses Swiss sausages.  Howe

Dubai start-up offers $3m to anyone who can hack the iPhone


$10m ethical hacking program by Crowdfense aims to develop cyber-defense capabilities for popular software

Nazi art theft exhibition puts stolen masterpieces on display

The second part of an extraordinary exhibition showing off art stolen under the Nazi regime, has opened in Bern. The show is made up of works from a

Plastic: How can the Swiss use so much and recycle so little?

Switzerland consumes three times as much plastic as other European countries, but recycles 30% less. Bans on plastic in the EU and China may change t