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How Queen Victoria transformed the Swiss tourism industry

Exactly 150 years ago, Queen Victoria and a small entourage headed to central Switzerland for a five-week getaway. It was the first visit to the Alpi

Curious about drones? Here are the basics

It seems like drones are everywhere these days – in the news, in stores, and in the air above us. From technology and uses to risks and regulation

Vintage Ju-52 aircraft crashes in Swiss Alps: 20 dead

A vintage plane crashed at altitude in the Swiss Alps on Saturday, in canton Graubünden. All 20 passengers lost their lives in Switzerland's worst

From Serbia to the Swiss Alps: a bear's adventure

Serbia’s last circus bear recently left his temporary home for the biggest adventure of his life: a 1, 400km trip to Switzerland. Napa the bear wi

Christoph Blocher: ‘The Swiss have to stay out of the EU’

Christoph Blocher’s hilltop home above Lake Zurich is the best known private residence in Switzerland. The modern, cream-coloured mansion, with ma

Amateur investors get another way to make risky crypto bets


  Retail punters now have another way to make risky wagers on cryptocurrencies.

Saving the spirit of communities through cultural heritage

Inspired by people like an Iraqi Catholic priest who has saved thousands of ancient manuscripts from destruction by Jihadists, nine cities around the

In Switzerland, who should foot the bill for pricey ambulance rides?

​​​​​​​ Swiss patients pay for most emergency transport out of pocket, and costs can add up. Rescue professionals are now seeking chan

Kaspersky Lab launches blockchain-based voting platform


Polys is based on smart contracts in Ethereum which allows for decentralised ballot verification and vote tallies

Kaspersky Lab uncovers new attack targeting legislative bodies


“Operation Parliament” cyberespionage campaign targets government agencies, large corporates