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29.11.2018 Guidance For New Non Native Arabic Muslims


Tricky Prepositions


Prepositions can be a very tricky aspect of learning a foreign language. Often, we find correspondence between languages in the basic meaning and usa

Arabic Reading Comprehension for Absolute Beginners #10 - Changed Opening Hours


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Basic Arabic: The Alphabet


الأَبْجَدِيَّة العَرَبِيَّة al-abjadiiyah al-‘arabiiyah, i.e. the Arabic Alphabetical System, includes twenty-eight lett

Culture Class: Holidays in Egypt #5 - Feast of the Sacrifice


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Avant-première du film "Forgiven" avec Forest Whitaker à l'UNESCO


Langue Français

5 offres d’emploi chez : Ignition Program, On The Other Fish, CharLi, Particeep et Bird Office


L’article 5 offres d’emploi chez : Ignition Program, On The Other Fish, CharLi, Particeep et Bird Office est apparu en premier sur Maddyne

Techtonic Group raises $2 million to transform tech hiring through apprenticeships


Where the two companies are using price arbitrage between the costs of developers in emerging markets and coders in the U.S., Techtonic Group is simp

German insurance ‘robo-advisor’ Clark scores $29 million Series B


Clark, one of a plethora of so-called ‘insurtech’ startups offering something akin to a digital insurance brokerage all delivered through

Facebook and the perils of a personalized choice architecture


The recent Facebook-Cambridge Analytica chaos has ignited a fire of awareness, bringing the risks of today’s data surveillance culture to the foref