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Chris Murphy manager of INXS dies of cancer


Chris Murphy who managed the band INXS from 1979 until 1995 and then again in the 2000’s has passed away at his home in Sydney. Murphy who was 6

Amazon Warehouse Employees in Alabama Will Vote to Unionize


Amazon workers might make a breakthrough at a company that’s done everything it can to trample organized labor. Nearly 6, 000 employees at a Besseme

Apple Reportedly Planning to Redesign the iMac at Long Last


The Apple rumor mill sure is churning fast and furious today. Read more...

Report: Google About to Face Its Third State Antitrust Suit, This Time Over Play Store


Google is reportedly about to face its third antitrust lawsuit from state attorneys general–this time challenging its stranglehold on the Play Store

Mama Mia, It's a Big Sale on Digital Nintendo Switch Games!


Digital Switch Game Sale | AmazonDigital Switch Game Sale | Best BuyRead more...

FAA Authorizes First Commercial Smart Drone Flights


The Federal Aviation Administration greenlit American Robotics this week to become the first company to operate smart drones without needing on-site p

Facebook Bans Creation of New Events Near Federal and State Houses Leading Up to Inauguration


To head off a potential encore of last week’s violent insurrection, Facebook is blocking users from creating new Facebook events in the vicinity of

The Best New-Ish Movies You Have To Watch This Month


Top Pick: Tenet (Blu-ray, Digital) | $15 | Amazon

The iPhone 13 Might Sport an In-Screen Fingerprint Sensor, Which Sure Would Be Useful Right Now


Apple is reportedly testing an in-screen fingerprint reader, one of the key upgrades the company has planned for this year’s iPhones, according to

Trump Administration Clears Way for Mining Company to Take Over Sacred Indigenous Land


After more than 15 years of protest by tribal organizations, local communities, and environmental groups across the country from Arizona to Washingt