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Western Carolina University (Cullowhee, NC)

Drilling down for data value


Data might be the new oil, but government agencies need to understand how to utilise the tools available to extract the value from their data assets

Bacevich brilliance


One of the best things that happened to me when I ran for the chance to be a candidate in the...

Law and Disorder December 17, 2018


  Guantanamo Diary: Mohamedou Ould Slahi The American offshore prison camp in Guantánamo, Cuba is still operating. After the attacks on September 1

Law and Disorder December 10, 2018


  How the Rats Re-Formed Congress A fable is a short tale that anthropomorphizes animals. The animals personify human virtues and vices, and functio

Law and Disorder December 3, 2018


  Death with Dignity Seventy percent of Americans support the end-of-life option permitting qualified terminally ill people to end their lives throug

Law and Disorder November 26, 2018


  Impeaching the President: Past, Present and Future Two U.S. presidents have been impeached: Andrew Johnson in 1868, and Bill Clinton in 1998. Ric

Law and Disorder November 5, 2018


  Mumia Abu-Jamal Update October 2018 Last week, attorneys for Mumia Abu Jamal argued in court that conflicts of interest led to unfair rulings agai

Master These 5 Skills To Become A Professional Secretary


As a modern-day secretary, you will have to take on a wide range of duties and responsibilities. You won’t only handle the incoming calls and your

Leading vs. Managing


If you are a newly appointed leader, lead a very diverse team or are a task-oriented person, you must consider the balance necessary between leading