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AT&T grows its gigabit LTE-based 5G Evolution


AT&T adds parts of over 100 markets to its gigabit LTE-based 5G Evolution across the U.S.; plans 500 markets by year-end AT&T announced on Fri

Making miniature, low-cost mmWave components


Making lightweight miniature 5G mmWave components with layers of material. Industrial component startup Integra Devices is using a process for making

NYC metro fiber companies ZenFi, Cross River Fiber to merge


NYC, New Jersey fiber companies to merge New York and New Jersey metro-area fiber companies ZenFi Networks and Cross River Fiber are merging into a p

This Week In Techdirt History: April 15th - 21st


Five Years Ago This week in 2013, as the fallout for Prenda Law continued, we shifted our focus to the cybersecurity bill CISPA. While the White

Michael Cohen Drops Ridiculous Lawsuit Against Buzzfeed After Buzzfeed Sought Stormy Daniels' Details


Donald Trump's long time lawyer, Michael Cohen has been in a bit of hot water of late. As you no doubt heard, the FBI raided Cohen's office and ho

Zimbabwean teachers to go on strike over pay


HARARE: Zimbabwean teachers will go on strike to demand an increase in salaries and allowances when schools reopen next month for the new term, the b

Could The DOJ Be Violating SESTA/FOSTA?


Last week, Gizmodo's Dell Cameron has a great report on how the DOJ's Amber Alert site was configured so stupidly that it could be used to redirect

MediaTek suspends chipset shipments to ZTE


  MediaTek said it will need to obtan government permission to resume shipments to the Chinese vendor Taiwanese chip maker MediaTek confirmed tha

Increase Spectral Efficiency for Wireless Communications


A team of researchers from KU Leuven created a network of software defined radios that can simultaneously transmit and detect harmful interference usi

Australian Gov't Scooped Up Tons Of Cell Site Location Data To Track Citizens' Movements


A couple of years after it happened, Australian citizens are finally being (indirectly) informed their government harvested cell site location info