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Secateurs explained


Geoff Hodge unravels the mysteries surrounding garden secateurs to help you get the best from these useful pruners. The post Secateurs explained appea

‘Leave the Leaves!’


WMICENTRAL.COM – This has become a rallying cry by gardeners, natural landscape enthusiasts and ecologists. To let fallen leaves stay where the

A Gardener’s List Of Things To Be Thankful For


NORTHCOUNTRYOUTLOOK.COM – Here are a few of my thoughts on things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving… Battery-powered tools –  Ma

Shanghai’s First Unmanned Farm


NEWS.CGTN.COM – China’s rural development still faces many contradictions and problems, such as the decline of farmers’ enthusiasm

An Urban Farm Feeding The Poorest Part of Philly Fights To Stay Alive And Growing


INQUIRER.COM – The Life Do Grow Farm on North 11th and Dauphin Streets in North Philadelphia was carved out of the poorest part of the poorest b

Happy National Mason Jar Day! Here’s Some Inspirational Food-In-Jars to Help You Celebrate!


On November, 30th people all over are celebrating National Mason Jar Day!  This day celebrates the invention of the mason jar and its usability in h

Organic Community Garden Established In San Bernardino Nourishes Body, Mind


NEWS.LLU.EDU – Families in San Bernardino will enjoy a Thanksgiving bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables they grew themselves thanks to Loma Li

This Man Is On A Mission To Get His Neighborhood Healthy


GOODMORNINGAMERICA.COM – Tony Hillery is on a mission to teach children in his Harlem community how to adopt healthier food habits. “It’

This 2-Acre Vertical Farm Produces More Than ‘Flat Farms’ That Use 720 Acres


GOODNEWSNETWORK.ORG – From an ag-tech startup named Plenty, a two-acre indoor vertical farm produces yields that would normally require a 720-a

Minding the Garden: Book Review


Minding the Garden makes me pause and think about my own garden, bringing back memories of its beauty. It's also reassuring to see how Lilactree Farm