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Trump’s unconvincing "hearts and minds" strategy on Iran


U.S. leadership claims they do not seek regime change in Iran; however, they appear to believe that if they capitalize on the anger of the I

How to Spot Valuable Paintings


Art collecting is an expensive hobby, but some eagle-eyed aficionados can score valuable masterpieces at bargain bin prices. Whether you’re hunting

How to Make Vegan Cinnamon Rolls


While many sweets, including cinnamon rolls, usually include some animal products, there are plenty of recipes that are adjusted for the vegan diet

How to Respond to an Interview Invitation


You’ve finally landed an interview for that dream job you’ve been after—now what’s the best way to follow up? These days, most formal intervi

How to Make Electrolyte Water


Give your body a nourishing homemade electrolyte water to help it balance out and recover after intense exercise. This elixir contains both salt and a

How to Use Alexa


This wikiHow teaches you some of the most useful Alexa abilities and the voice commands you need to use them. Once you have set up a new Echo you migh

25 Best Card Making Ideas!

25 Best Card Making Ideas!Create Beautiful And Fun Cards With 25 Best Card Making Ideas. Instructions With Pictures, Sentiments And Patterns Are Incl

Sermon July 15, 2018: Patience? Acccccckkkkk!


Today Pastor Dan’s message is “Patience? Acccccckkkkk!” and his scripture reference is James 5:7-11. Listen and follow along: What a

June 17, 2018 Song from Service: O Come To The Altar


O Come To The Altar was a call to worship on June 17 (Click for Sermon). Bass: Charles Stauffer; Drums: Mark McHargue; Guitar: Pat McHargue; Piano: Be

How to Check Iron Levels


If you suspect your iron levels aren't what they should be, your best course of action is to head to the doctor, where they can test your iron level