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The truth about intelligence: Do IQ tests really work?

IQ tests are very reliable, despite being dogged by claims of bias. But we need to be savvy in the way we use them

Google’s human-like phone calls are a clever but nasty trick

Google’s AI assistant is getting an upgrade to let it make you an appointment by impersonating a human on the phone, but this tech could cause a ho

#9: Instant Immersion Middle East Deployment Pack

Instant Immersion Middle East Deployment Pack by Topics Entertainment Platform:   Windows XP (2)Buy new: $14.99 4 used & new from $6.01(Visit the

Why chivalry remains attractive to some women despite being sexist

Women tend to find male chivalry attractive even though they see it as a threat to fairness, according to a new study. Existing inequality may explai

Brain implant for OCD surprisingly helps alleviate diabetes too

A person who has a brain implant for OCD has had an unexpected side-effect: better blood sugar control. The finding reveals the brain has a role in di

Chimp evolution was shaped by sex with their bonobo relatives

Some chimpanzee populations gained useful DNA from interbreeding with bonobos, and one may even have become more gentle and “bonobo-like” in its

Men more likely to get diabetes if they have overweight wives

In heterosexual relationships, only men are more likely to get diabetes when their partner has a high BMI – perhaps because of gender roles in the

A third of ‘protected’ nature zones are quietly being ruined

The world’s nations have set up 200, 000 protected areas in which nature is supposed to flourish, but in many cases the protection is pretty much t

Someone is wrecking the ozone layer again. They must be stopped

For the health of our planet, and ourselves, we must find and foil those who breach crucial environmental treaties, says Lesley Evans Ogden

Can a repeat of disastrous Ebola epidemic be averted this time?

The latest outbreak of the deadly virus has spread to a city of a million people in the Democratic Republic of Congo. But hopes are high disaster can