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7 Unbiased Name Suggestions for Duchess Kate’s Third Child


A few great name ideas for the new little prince, from Cut staffers.

Inside the Atelier of Dior’s Longest-Serving Designer


Marc Bohan was the creative director from 1961–1989.

Kate Middleton and Prince William Step Out With Their New Royal Baby Boy


She wore heels mere hours after she gave birth.

The Most Traumatizing Moments From The Handmaid’s Tale Season Premiere


The darkest show on TV has gotten even more brutal.

It Seems Like TomTom Is Actually Going to Open — and Soon!


Tom Sandoval claims the bar’s grand opening is imminent.

What Happened When I Took a Year Off From Having a Personal Life


No dates, no plans, almost no texts.

This Korean Brand Is Launching a New Mask for Puffy Eyes


While you were sleeping, the mask was de-puffing.

I’m Not an ‘Infertility Warrior’


I’m just a woman trying to become a mom.

Childish Gambino’s “This Is America” Video Is Full Of Harsh Truths

Last night, Donald Glover performed his new single “This Is America” midway through a successful appearance on Saturday Night Live (where, gradu

Nigerian Lawmaker Invites Kanye West To Learn More About Slavery

A Nigerian lawmaker has made Kanye West an offer he probably shouldn’t refuse — an opportunity to visit old slave ports in Africa.This invitation,