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Junot Díaz Responds to Allegations of Sexual Misconduct and Verbal Abuse


Three women have come forward with allegations against the prominent writer, ranging from forced kissing to verbal abuse.

What Does Lisa Vanderpump Have Against January Jones?


What’s a January Jones gotta do to have her 40th birthday at Pump?

Jennifer Lopez’s Makeup Collection Is Already Selling Out


Don’t even think about waiting for tonight to buy something.

Congrats to All of the Kentucky Derby Horses, But Mostly Just the One


A quick recap for those who missed the derby and those who want to live it all over again.

Can We Talk About the Costumes at Adele’s 30th Birthday Party?


Many of the characters from Titanic were represented.

The Met Is Releasing Its First Makeup Collection


Only the best for the Met Gala gift shop.

SNL Reunites Stormy Daniels and Trump, Sorta


She and Donald Trump reunited … sorta.

The Products & Tips Pros Swear By For The Perfect Wash-&-Go

One aspect of the natural hair movement that people fail to mention is the work that goes into maintaining those glorious spirals. Twist-outs take tim

Chikesia Clemons: Video Shows White Cops Violently Restraining Black Woman at Alabama Waffle House


Chikesia Clemons reportedly just wanted to know why she was being charged for plastic utensils.

Would You Go to a Hollywood Facialist Who Was Accused of Plotting Murder?


Dawn DaLuise is ready to make her comeback under the name “Killer Facials.”