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Stephanie Aird's been calling neighbour by wrong name for 14 years

Stephanie Aird, from Hartlepool, had lived next door to a couple for 14 years, believing they were called Mavis and George. It was only after Geo

Lyst reveals the TEN most sought-after fashion items

Meghan, 36, raised the profile of UK-based Goat after she chose the brand for her first official appearance following her wedding to Prince Harry,

Parents say natural toiletries range cured chlidren's eczema in days

Parents have praised Good Bubble toiletries, founded by Amy Wordsworth from Manchester for clearing their children's skin and taking away the need

Sex expert used her vibrator SIX times a day

Sydney-based sexpert Nadia Bokody became 'obsessed' with the toy after months in a sexless marriage and used it up to six times a day on the 'turbo

Style me slimmer: The ultimate guide to ruffle-front skirts to flatter you, whatever your body shape

This week Dinah van Tulleken created the ultimate guide to ruffle-front skirts, selecting cuts and gorgeous accessories to flatter every body shape

Femail readers reveal transformations after Myleene Klass fitness challenge

EXCLUSIVE: The star devised MyBody By Myleene for busy working women to do at home, and after 12 weeks following the programme, five readers revea

How To Get Rid Of Dark Circles Without Really Trying

Before it was a punchline for terrible jokes about pirates, scurvy was a very real threat for a very long time. Hippocrates was the first one to be l

Iowa Bans Abortion At 6 Weeks

In the latest attack against a woman’s right to choose, Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds signed into law the most restrictive abortion ban in the U.S.Earlier

How To Get Your Hands On These Exclusive, Insta-Worthy Pieces

Ganni. Staud. Rixo. Wandler. These are all names you either know from Instagram, or will very soon. Because if you follow any amount of fashion-relat

A Disco Ball Is The Unexpected Accessory Your Apartment Deserves

It’s not just the fashion world that’s engaged in an ongoing love affair with the '70s. Take a look around beloved stores like CB2 and IKEA and yo