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Sitting upright helps pupils 'access positive thoughts', research shows

Researchers at San Francisco University have found that being slumped over a desk prevents pupils from focusing and can trigger negative thoughts an

NHS boss RESIGNS after sparking fury by using fake 'Devil's Advocate' profile to troll GPs 

Dr Arvind Madan, the Director of Primary Care at NHS England, has resigned after he trolled medics online using a fake profile. He announced his r

Now most of us think pints are 'unaffordable' after the cost of a lager rose to £3.58 last year 

The majority of Britons now think the cost of pint is unaffordable, according to a study by the Campaign for Real Ale (Camra).

Record-breaking Bluebird glides across the water for first time in 50 years

Today the restored jet-powered boat completed a test run on Loch Fad on the Isle of Bute in Scotland - at a considerably lower speed than those seen

7 Charts — Tesla Model 3 vs The Competition (US Sales)


As Tesla Model 3 production and sales have grown, I've felt more and more inspired to compare the car's scorecard against that of other models. I int

Owning My 1st All-Electric Vehicle — A Female POV


My first impressions of owning my first EV are — it's great!

“Pure Jungle Cat” — Tesla Model 3 Performance Review From Motor Trend


It's one thing for Tesla to get a strong review of its performance Model 3 in the Wall Street Journal, but what about a car magazine? It turns out

Does Heinz’ Recycling & Its “Environmental Stewardship Strategy” Go Far Enough?


Kraft Heinz is joining the surge of corporations across the US that are hearing the consumer cry for sustainable packaging

Alieno Arcanum, The Proper Hyper EV For Aliens!


A little EV dreaming and rubbing some salt into the wounds of struggling carmakers can have great consequences. This is where hyper EVs — or electri

The Tesla Smear


In recent months, all of us who follow Tesla have noticed a dramatic increase in what Elon Musk characterized as “relentlessly negative” news, r